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Medieval Children's Clothing Exchange!

Have your children out-grown yet another lovingly sewn set of clothes? Are your children growing faster than you can sew? Well, never fear! At West An Tir War, we will be hosting a garment exchange for out-grown, but still usable, children's SCA clothes. Plan to attend and get your little dears some new clothes.

Have clothes left over from when your children were little? Bring them and donate to a good cause. Do you have old clothes that you no longer wear but that might fit teen-agers who are too big for children's clothes? Please consider donating so that our teens are also well-dressed. Any donations are welcome!

We also accept donations even if you have no children. Consider making something out of the scraps of the garb you are making yourself for this next tourney season. Those wee tunics are just too cute!

In the famous words of Captain Barbossa, "Waste not, want not!"

Check at front gate for our location, ask for the Children's Clothing Exchange. The trading blanket will be open all weekend long.


Children's Clothing Exchange FAQ


Q: But I poured many hours of labor into these small pieces of fabric, how could I possibly give them away?

A: One of the first garments I ever made for my daughter was a very pretty and very pink little Florentine dress. She wore it ONCE. I must have put 20 hours into that thing. I eventually got to the point where I could pass it on and it headed somewhere to the southern reaches of the Summits. This last 12th Night I saw a very pretty little girl swishing down the hall in the very dress. She was so pleased with it. I had not known who the dress went to, but was very glad I could help a nice young lady look adorable (not that she needed much help in THAT department). So pass those clothes forward
and enjoy seeing someone else benefit from all your hard work.

Q: What exactly a children's clothing exchange?

A: I am so very glad you asked! Since children and teens out grow their clothes so quickly, parents have a hard time keeping up with the garb needs of their wee ones. So we take clothes that your children have outgrown and you get larger clothes in exchange.

Q: I don't have any clothing to donate, do you take cash?

A: I am sorry, but no, we don't. There are many fine merchants who are willing to take your money.

Q: Do you give clothing to adults?

A: No, we don't. We have in the past given to small stature adults, but have found that we run out of clothes for the teenagers if we do that.

Q: I don't have anything to donate, but my child has no garb. Can I get some at the exchange?

A: We try to accommodate as many children as possible. I certainly won't turn anyone away if you don't have anything to exchange, but in order for an exchange to work, there needs to be actual exchange. You might inquire at Gold Key. Or get creative on what you can donate. Maybe you have some smaller adult garb that would work for teenagers. Or some old belts or hats.

Q: When is this wonderous children's clothing exchange happening?

A: We hold this exchange at An Tir West War, and can usually be found near the period cooking encampment. The exchange will be trading-blanket style and will be put out once we get settled in and will be out all weekend.

Q: I am not going to the event, but have clothes I'd like to donate. How do I get them to you?

A: First off, Bless you! You can send them to me snail mail, just contact me off list for my address. Or you can send them SCA-mail to just about any event in the Principality of the Summits. Just have the delivery person bring the clothes to Rustam and Suvia's encampment.

Q: Do you give clothes to adults, even small ones?

A: No, I'm sorry, but we cannot accommodate adults, but there are usually merchants or Gold Key at events you can go to. I prefer to reserve our larger clothes for the teenagers who seem to grow faster than weeds.

Q: How will we find you at the event?

A: Look for a big green BC-style dayshade. Ask for Viscountess Suvia and Viscount Sir Rustam of the Summits. Gate will know where we are.

Q: Is it just clothes that you need?

A: No, the wee ones need shoes, hats, cloaks, belts and bling. Every little bit helps. As you go to Good Will's Mart in your search for objects, keep a weather eye out for items that will be useful for clothing our little ones.

Q: Do you accept PINK pretty pretty princess dresses?

A: Heck, yeah! Anything to make a child's eyes sparkle is fine with me. Check after Halloween sales for some really good deals! Look for ones that have fire-proof fabric, please. (no acetate, nylon or polyester)